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A New Frontier for Vignette

A New Frontier for Vignette

Ayane Satomi

A New Frontier for Vignette

Since the announcement of Vignette back in 2019, we have solidified our mission and vision for the project: to make a better software for content creators, and provide a gateway for creativity; to go beyond just using the software, and to foster a tightly-knit community of creators.

We have witnessed how closely huddled these creators are, and we're so deeply inspired of their eagerness to help each other. That's why we're sharing our new direction for what's next for the project, and present to you our pledge to the community.

Introducing Cosyne: Vignette's official corporate steward

It was evident Vignette needed a steward that will drive it with the interest of the community in mind, and to offer tools and experiences that can also support the needs of an industry. We are announcing that The Vignette Authors is now forming a corporate entity under the name Cosyne, and will be registered on the Republic of the Philippines. We are currently on the prototype startup stage, and we are working towards to be a sustainable company to support Vignette and the community around it.

Our pledge, as Cosyne, is we will operate with the same mission and vision as Vignette, and we will always work with the best interest of the community, not against it; after all, the Co in Cosyne stands for Co-pilot. It's your show, and we'll help you make it succeed.

A fresh coat of paint

Vignette will also go under another re-branding of its logotype to better match our goals with the project. The press kits will be available during the open beta period along with brand guidelines to help you use the branding properly in your stream.

Additionally, our project's mascot under the code name "Shining Star" has materialized, and we are happy to provide you a sneak peek of our mascot. Guess what she'll look like!

Shining Star Preview

We can't give out any more details other than her name: Lenca Azure (pronounced: Len-ka A-zuh-reh), she's a carefree and artistic character, but has a soft side. You'll get to know her more in her final reveal, so stay tuned for that!

Something is brewing in February!

For those who think Vignette is vaporware, I have bad news for you: We will now be starting our Closed Beta this February. So if you have donated before, and are our list of beta participants, you will get to test Vignette with Live2D included to test the waters. Keep in mind this is a very limited feature beta as we are still finalizing most of the features.

And as a thank you for our early supporters, you will get to keep Live2D support as promised on our early supporter tiers - so if you haven't supported us yet, now's a good time! Our development catch up covers what we've done in detail but all I can say is: Vignette is shaping up really well!

And most of all, thank you 💖

All of this couldn't be done without you. Your support has kept us going, and the main reason why Vignette even exists. Your commitment to us is also our commitment, and we promise to deliver only the best for everyone.

Thank you, and let's have an exciting time this 2023!


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